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Extrication teams have signed up for this challenge in great numbers through the event website.

About the teams

From all registrations a total of 29 teams from 16 different countries have been chosen at random with a maximum number per country and continent. These countries are:

  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • UK
  • Slovenia
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Ireland
  • Brazil

The 3 winning teams are:

  1. BEST OVERALL TEAM: Meath County Fire and Rescue – Navan, Ireland
  2. BEST TECHNICAL TEAM: Bombers Generalitat Granollers – Granollers, Spain
  3. BEST TEAM SPIRIT: GER Rescue Ladies – Obertshausen, Germany

See all photos and videos on our homepage!

Scenarios, preparation and evaluation

For six days one team after another was challenged to respond to a unique 20-minute vehicle extrication scenario. Before getting hands-on with their scenario each team received a Holmatro Equipment Familiarisation Training, a Masterclass on Practical Cutting Techniques and New Car Technology. Contestants were judged on their performance in command, medical and technical skills. Judging criteria include use of the Team Approach, use of tools and techniques, medical assessment, victim handling, on-scene communication, general performance and overall team spirit.

A group of international assessors observed each extrication challenge and gave a debrief to each team afterwards. They also determined the overall event winners.

New vehicles

All cars used in the extrication challenges are new! We want to give rescuers throughout the world the unique opportunity to practice their skills on a modern vehicle.

Fantastic prizes for the winning teams

RescueXperience2014 (9)Besides the honour of winning, the three best performing teams are rewarded with a fantastic prize in the following categories:

  1. BEST OVERALL TEAM: Holmatro Rescue Tool Set worth ‚ā¨ 20,000
  2. BEST TECHNICAL TEAM: Holmatro Rescue Tool Set worth ‚ā¨ 10,000
  3. BEST TEAM SPIRIT: Holmatro Rescue Tool Set worth ‚ā¨ 5,000


Each team receives:

  • Free INTERSCHUTZ entrance tickets for two days
  • Two copies of the Holmatro training book ‚ÄėVehicle Extrication Techniques‚Äô
  • Holmatro SafetyPen for each team member
  • Video of their performance
  • Holmatro VIP treatment¬†on our booth and¬†in the event area